quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2012

RENAULT - Mãe na Direção" Intro

RENAULT - Mãe na Direção" Intro from AuloLicinio on Vimeo.

Hey! Long time since last post. This time I'm back with an animation.

I did this job together with ZombieStudios. I was responsible for taking 2d images and making an "animated storyboard" and further on a whole 3d animatic, beyond the animation.*
This was a very tough job, since all animation took less than 3 days to get done. Animated Storyboard and Animatic took about 1-2 days.
Congratz to all the team to pull out a nice piece in so short time.



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Vinicius Barros disse...

Bem legal e animando cada vez melhor
Boa Aulo!