Aulo Licínio Duarte da Silva Filho

  Rua Doutor Alvaro Alvim, 130.
  São Paulo - SP - Brazil
  +55 11 968157694

Position as Character Animator in a challenging environment.


Professional that loves challenges and is always looking for knowledge. Solid understanding of animation principals and able to resolve animation pipeline issues. Shows ability to team work and report to superiors, beyond finish work at deadline.

Available to relocate.


English as first language.

English – ESOL certification by University of Cambridge.

Professional Experience:

MotionLogic – (http://motionlogicstudios.com/index.htm)
Senior 3D Animator (Remote) – February 2013 to Present
  • Responsible for Character/Creature animation a couple of unnanounced projects.
EmberLabs – (http://emberlab.com/)
Senior Creature Animator (Remote) – February 2013 to Present
  • Responsible for creature animation on the feature film called Dust.
Glu Mobile – (www.glu.com)
Lead 3d Animator and Rigger – January 2012 to December 2012
  • I was responsible for leading the animation team on the iOS/android title Dragon Slayer. My tasks would vary in having to do techincal research, animation design, prototyping and writing pipeline/workflow documentation. Besides animation and rigging/skinning.
Senior 3d Animator and Rigger – July 2011 to December 2011
  • I was responsible for animating and rigging on the iOS/Android title Blood and Glory and Blood and Glory:Legends. Also had to research technical/rigging solutions to fit our needs with our engine.

AuthorityFX - ( www.authorityfx.com)

Senior Animator (Remote) – February 2012 to July 2012.
  • Responsible for creature animation on Sci-Fy´s "Piranhaconda" TV movie.

Prodigo Filmes - ( www.prodigo.com.br)

Lead Animator and Lead Rigger – February 2011 to July 2011.

  • Responsible for coordinating the animation and rigging pipeline.
  • Worked mostly with advertisements.
OssianStudios – (http://ossianstudios.com/) 
Senior Animator (Remote) – January 2011 to July 2011.
  • Responsible for rigging/skinning and animation on "The Shadow Sun" title

Digital21 – (www.digital21.com.br)
3d Animator and Layout Artist – September 2009 to February 2011.

  • Responsible for 25 seconds of animation per week. Also responsible for 3d camera layout and several blend shapes modeling for facial rigs.
Melies Escola de Cinema e 3d. - (www.melies.com.br)
3d Animation and Rigging Instructor – January 2007 to October 2008

  • Responsible for managing and lecturing the schools animation course, such onsite and online classes. This includes assigning tasks and mentoring ten students per class.
Aulo Licinio ME
Owner – Since January, 2009.
Started my own “1 man” company in 2009 to attend other company’s needs. Some companies that I worked for:

Vetor Zero (www.vetorzero.com)
  • Responsible for 3d animation.
  • Responsible for 3d animation. Worked remotely.
Playlore GameWorks - (www.playlore.com/)

  • Responsible for rigging and animating for several projects. Worked remotely.
    Luno (www.estudioluno.com)

    • Responsible for over than one minute on Kauan e a Lenda das Águas–Amazônia Azul.
    Mono3d ( http://www.mono3d.com/)

    • Responsible for 3d animations.

    MadFx ( www.madfx.com.br/)
    • Worked on several advertisements for clients such as Petrobras, Tirolez and Uniban.
    Vagalume Studios – ( www.vagalumes.com.br)

    • Responsible for 3d animation on several advertisements.

    • Responsible for over 2 minutes of 3d animation on a DVD series called Nosso Amiguinho .

    • Responsible for over 2 minutes of 3d animation on a DVD series called Turma do Querubim.
    KidguruStudios (http://www.kidgurustudios.com/)
    • Responsible for character animations on the released PSP game title - Freekscape.
    Animator at WebcoreGames – (http://www.webcoregames.com.br/) 
    • Responsible for character animations on GameFutebol, a game for Rede Globo internet portal: (http://www.globo.com/).


    Animation Mentor – Animal and Creature Animation - (www.animationmentor.com)
    June 2011 to January 2012
    • Six months program focused in creature and animal locomotion. Mentored by Charles Alleneck – Lead Animator at ILM and Arslan Elver – Lead animator at Cinesite.

    Animation Mentor – Character Animation - (www.animationmentor.com)
    June 2007 to April 2009

    • Eighteen months program focused in advanced character animation.

    Bachelor at Fine Arts at Centro Universitário de Belas Artes de São Paulo
    Rua Doutor Alvaro Alvim, 76 – Vila Mariana – São Paulo/SP – Brazil
    (55) 11 2107 5477
    January 2006 to 2008 (not complete)

    Robert Mckee Story Seminar

    SP – Brazil

    Workshop with Mark Walsh at AnimaMundi 2007 São Paulo
    SP – Brazil

    Workshop with Krisnamurti “Antropus” at Academia de Animação e Artes Digitais
    SP – Brazil

    Workshop Emotion and Acting for Animation with Keith Lango at Melies.
    SP – Brazil

    Malmo Elementary School – (http://malmo.epsb.ca/)
    4716 115 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 3N8, Canada
    Phone: (780) 434-1362, 438-5552
    Fax: (780) 438-5711
    1994 to 1995

    GreyFriars RC Primary School
    Kilrymont Road, St Andrews KY16 8DF, Scotland.
    Phone: +44 1334 659418
    1990 to 1993


    3d package : Autodesk Maya, Xsi, 3dsMax, Motion Builder and Houdini (animation only).
    Composing : Autodesk Combution and Adobe AfterEffects

    Others : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, DigiCel Flipbook and TvPaint.


    3d animation / Traditional animation / Motion Capture

    Rigging / Rigging for Games / Modeling / Lightning / Drawing / Storyboard / Cloth dynamics with Autodesk Maya


    Upon request.